Enjoy Changüí music, passionate dancing, colorful natives, and classic cars.

"Located 90 miles off the coast of Key West, Florida, Cuba is the largest Caribbean Island nation. Its neighbors are the Cayman Islands, Jamaica and Haiti. Cuba spans 44,200 miles, making it a bit smaller than the state of Pennsylvania. Its varied geography includes rolling farmland, rugged mountains, urban metropolises, quaint colonial villages and white-sand beaches.

The island is divided into 15 provinces and one special municipality, Isla de la Juventud. Notable Cuba areas include rural Piñar del Rio, where tobacco farming builds economic momentum; seaside Santiago de Cuba, the country’s second largest city next to Havana rife with colorful Afro-Cuban influence; and colonial Trinidad, a sleepy town designated a UNESCO world heritage site nestled between majestic mountains and the sea.

Cuba’s population is richly diverse, with 11.2 million residents. Despite its Native roots, the most profound effects on Cuban culture are the result of European, African and North American influences."  
(Insight Cuba)

video:     CUBA
                 Vinales National Park
                 Changüí: The Sound of Guantánamo


All Virtual New York Urban Sketchers events are one session (10 am -12 pm EDT/show and tell afterwards) held on Saturdays. For participants wanting to challenge themselves sketching more of a particular locality or theme, you are welcome to do the EXTENSION SKETCH PROJECT below:

Cuba- Extension Sketch Project:
Choose of the following prompt to sketch:
  • (a)   Havana street scene
  • (b)   Vinales tobacco farm
  • (c)   Cuban music makers
  • (d)   native costumed locals
*Please post your finished sketches to the USk NYC Facebook site. Be sure to add the hash tag #NUS. Please also note that while we are sponsored by USk NYC, our online event is grounded on reference images, which is a very different approach from doing the in-person, on-site urban sketch event promoted by the Urban Sketchers Manifesto.

Facilitators of Virtual NYC Urban Sketchers:
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  • Michael Skelly
  • Alan Wernicke
  • Elizabeth Birkby
with the assistance of Mark Leibowitz
founder of USK NYC.

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